Monday, October 16, 2017


At the second or third Arisia convention in Boston, back in Nineteen Ninety-Something-or-Other, Your Humble Narrator attended a panel on science fiction writing, a profession he  hoped one day to undertake. None of the panelists' advice left an impression, alas, but I do remember one author remarking that she had written several hundred blurbs for sci-fi novels. The other panelists asked about the logistics of such an operation; apparently it involves reading a lot of books' first and last pages. I recall thinking that while I might never become a fiction writer, there seemed to be a demand for blurbistes, and perhaps I might one day write one myself.

And so it came to pass! My first SF blurb* appears on Sue Burke's forthcoming novel Semiosis, a tale of interstellar colonization and first contact with an original, unforgettable alien species. I would say the book reminds me of, and compares quite favorably to, the early work of another prominent SF author, but I couldn't do so without giving away some surprises. Best to just read Semiosis and find out for yourself.

(Many thanks to Jennifer Goloboy for making the appropriate introductions here.

* Since someone will likely ask: yes, I read the entire book, cover to cover. Skimming isn't my strong suit.

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