Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Could Hardly Spoil Them Further

A quick note for board game fans:

Contributors to Twitter have begun a thread describing how to #RuinABoardGame: by cleverly, and minimally, renaming particular "classics" so as to alter their themes. The best titles, in Your Humble Narrator's opinion, are these:

1) Neglect Four
2) Hungry Hungry Hipsters
3) Flight RISK
4) Sharts and Ladders
5) Cards Against Huge Manatees
6) Spousetrap
7) Nose Candyland
8) Custody Battleship
9) Dungeons and Drag Queens
10) Mahjong Is Bigger Than Yourjong

Most of these (5 and 9 excepted) are the mass-produced dreck many of us learned to despise as children, and whose association with spoiled childhood afternoons makes their re-purposing with adult themes particularly entertaining. #2, incidentally reminds me of this, and #9 would probably appeal to more people than the original.

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