Monday, October 6, 2014

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Robotech: The Macross Saga

    It's okay to drink to kill the pain, but poor form to throw whiskey bottles at your cousin.

    You can be a pacifist and still kill people with psychic head-butts (in movies, anyway).

    Expressing an accidental interest in women's underwear makes you a lecherous pervert.

    Long hair and combat aviation go together like Chips Ahoy cookies and milk.

    High rank is perfectly compatible with an inability to get out of the command chair.

    The best way to persuade a girl to marry you is to defeat her in a knife fight.

    There will be no cell phones in the future.

    Children are annoying but one mustn't let giant robots step on them.

    Nothing in the universe beats the destructive power of Japanese bubble-gum pop.

    Neither the reinforcements nor the ammunition ever runs out.

    When a Zentraedi warlord invites his male aide to help him discuss “aggression” in his “private quarters,” it's perfectly innocent.

    An appropriate farewell to the fiancee you're leaving forever is “Well, bye!”

    Men can mouth off to superior officers as long as they're female. (The officers, that is.)

    Bicycles are inherently ridiculous.

    It's okay for adults to obsess over action figures. Even if the adults are fifty feet tall.

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