Friday, September 27, 2013


Things have been a bit quiet here at TRV this month, as your Humble Narrator has been working on his other weblog and attending to duties, some pleasant and some less so, in the Mundane world. Shortly this will change, and several posts should be forthcoming on the following:

1. The next installment of my summary-and-analysis of Hiero's Journey (Chapter 8, part two) will be finished or before Thursday, October 10.

2. My recollections of the 1989 World Science Fiction convention, and some thoughts on the current state of Worldcon, should be posted by October 20.

3. An attempt to answer the question "Is the Orson Scott Card who wrote Ender's Game the same Orson Scott Card who believes Barack Obama is an Evil Muslim Hitler?" will, I hope, go up before the premiere of the E.G. movie on November 1st.

4. And, at some point, "Games That Do Not Suck" will resume with a look at one of my favorite light card games, Guillotine. The Reign of Terror was never this much fun!


Meanwhile, here is my recent review of Thomas Disch's cultural study of popular sci-fi, The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of, and a short article on the epic 1970s TV battle between Kamen Rider and Starfish Hitler, who is much more entertaining than Evil Muslim Hitler.